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Je nan Je Campaign Overview


The Je Nan Je Platform, with support from ActionAid, was created in 2011 out of deep concern for the reconstruction process taking place in Haiti. The platform is made up of grassroots networks, social movements and women’s groups that represent over 800,000 Haitians, and includes the following members : KROS, RENHASSA, KONAFAP, KPGA, COSADH, APV, MPP, COZPAM, FANM DESIDE, KABAGRANGOU, MPNKP[1] and ACTIONAID. In order to support high development accountability, transparency and good governance, the platform is launching an advocacy campaign under the same name, ‘’JE NAN JE,’’ to help guarantee the rights to land and safe, affordable housing in the context of Haiti’s reconstruction.

[1] KROS (Regional Coalition of Southern Organizations,) RENHASSA (National Haitian Network of Food Sovereignty & Security ), KONAFAP (National Coordinating Committee of Peasant Women ), KPGA (Peasant Organizations of Grand-Anse,) COSADH (Coordination of Actions on Health & Development in Haiti,) APV (Association of Peasants of Vallue,) MPP (People’s Movement of Papaye,) COZPAM (Platform for Community Associations of the Metropolitan Zone of Port-au-Prince,) FANM DESIDE (Women Decide,) KABAGRANGOU (Hunger Free Coalition,) MPNKP (National Congress of Papaye Peasant Movement)